Bowling ball launcher

Requested Project

The Alley Oop is a ramp that can be set up on a bowling alley to launch a bowling ball or other sized ball down the alley.  It requires the operator to push the ball off of the top of the ramp.  An electrical device to push the ball off the top of the ramp activated from a low voltage switch is needed so persons with disabilities can cause the ball to roll.

Design Notes

The design uses a discarded computer CD drive to push.  See the related project titled "Modified CD drive to push a bowling ball down a ramp" on this web site.  The housing to mount the device is described here.

RCRV designer is Lester Haerther, and was requested by GWAEA. The project was begun Jan 19, 2003 and completed Jan 19, 2003.

Additional Information:

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Alley Oop launcher drawing

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