Voice Recognition Assistance

Requested Project

I was contacted by a gentleman in Cedar Rapids who is needing assistance
setting up voice recognition software on his new Dell computer. I suggested
contacting a local computer service, Kirkwood, or a nearby high school, but
then I thought maybe you might have someone could help. Are any of your
members interested in assisting someone in this situation?

Ann Dudler
Assistive Technology Specialist
InfoTech/Iowa Program for Assistive Technology
Center for Disabilities & Development
100 Hawkins Dr #295
Iowa City, IA  52242-1011

Design Notes

The client is using Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software.  He is not aable to operate a mouse or keyboard, so all commands must be made with voice recognition.  He can now write MS Word documents, get on the internet and send email and paly computer games.  It does not appear possible to do voice recognition training or turn off the computer using only voice commands.

RCRV designer is John Wauer, and was requested by InfoTech/Iowa Program for Assistive Tech Ann Dudler 319-356-0766 800-331-3027. The project was begun Nov 14, 2002 and completed Dec 4, 2002.

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