Pick up small objects

Requested Project


Concerned Inc has a client that has limited use of hands.  He is in a motorized wheelchair.  He would like to work more than he is able to at this time.  He has difficulty picking up small objects and placing them in a poly bag.  They need some type of devise that will permit this peson to pickup these small objects and then place them in a bag.  A video showing him trying work will be here shortly.

Design Notes

A solution is being investigated that would use a bagging device commonly used by supermarkets

to hold the bag in place.

Harlan, Iowa Kiwanis Club took responsibility for this project and it is considered complete for RCRV.

RCRV designer is Jack Hotchkiss, and was requested by Concerned, Inc Box 47 Harlan IA 51537--Michelle Burmeister 712-755-5834. The project was begun Dec 12, 2002 and completed Jan 19, 2004.

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