Exhibit Maintenance/Construction

Requested Project

The Science Station seeks volunteers to assist in maintenance and repair of current exhibits and construction of new exhibits.  In particular, a number of exhibits are close to retirement due to age, lack of available parts, or other damage.  We would like to rehabilitate these, but many will have to be re-engineered to make them viable.  In addition, we are seeking volunteers to assist in the creation of new exhibits.  Our educational staff has several science-based exhibits they would like to complete, but Science Station does not have the capacity to create them in-house, and purchase costs of similar exhibits are prohibitive.

Design Notes

This project is being closed and replaced by separate projects for each exhibit build or repair.

RCRV designer is Keith Sutherland, and was requested by Science Station--McLeod/Busse IMAX Dome Theatre, Joe Nolte, Executive Director. The project was begun Jan 17, 2008 and completed Jan 17, 2008.

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