Objects of different sizes into bags of different sizes

Requested Project

The project will help a one hnded individual place objects of varying sizes and shape into a plastic bag that also varies in size.  A device to hold the bag open and fill the bag is needed.  View the video if more info is needed.  Hotchkiss has the video.

Design Notes

Project was completed by the Harlan, IA Kiwanis Club under guidance of club president Ron Randall.

The small bag they were working with fit inside a coffee can with a couple of inches of bag to spare, which they pulled down over the rim of the can to hold the bag in place. A nice solution.

For the large bag I made an oversized "can" by selecting a piece of stovepipe into which the bag would just fit, and then I cut it to a length a few inches shorter than the bag so the excess bag could be pulled over the rim of the "can" to hold it in place. For Concerned, the stovepipe was 12" in diameter and 18" long.

I then fastened the stove pipe to a plywood base about 18" by 18" so it would sit well on a table and not fall over easily. It could also be clamped down, if necessary.

Stovepipe is handy to use for this purpose because it's readily available, inexpensive, made in several diameters (commonly 6", 8", 10", and 12"), and can be cut to any length. Fasten the resulting "can" to a wooden base, cover all metal seams and sharp edges with duct tape, and you've got yourself a custom "bagging stand."

RCRV designer is Jack Hotchkiss, and was requested by Concerned, Inc Harlan Iowa---Michelle Burmeister, 515-755-5834 mburmeister@concernedinc.com. The project was begun Dec 12, 2002 and completed Apr 20, 2003.

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