Switch adapted computer trackball

Requested Project

We have a track ball that was switch adapted by Remcraft at Stone Mt., GA. It has 3 external swithch input openings in the back (labeled rt btn--Lk btn--Lf btn).  I have a Microsoft Easy Ball-- It is a large track ball for small children, but also good for individuals with limited movement.  I am wondering if that can be adapted to allow it to be switch activated (similarly to the one we currently have).  

Related to that, could two switches ( or the switch input) be adapted so they could both perform the same function (ex.-Could they both be make to perform as a left button click) -for a person who tires with one hand and will then try to use the other hand?

There is no urgent deadline for this project.  I plan to attend the 1/09/03 meeting. Thank you

Design Notes

I will bring the adapted track ball with me, as well as the one I would like to have adapted, to the meeting on Jan. 9.  I will bring 2 switches.  Is it possible to do some sort of a Y connector to the two to allow them to access the same function?

RCRV designer is ART RODERICK, and was requested by CompuPlace/Ecumenical Community Center-Lois Fergus. The project was begun Apr 21, 2003 and completed May 11, 2005.

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