Wheelchair bound with damaged wheelchair

Requested Project

This client is a 62 year old female who lives alone with Cerebral Palsy, a major depressive disorder and degenerative arthritis.  In Sep, she tore her rotary cuff and required surgery.  She is now wheelchair bound which could be permanent.  She took her wheelchair to a local home service store to see if it could be repaired.  She was told that it could be months before they hear anythin, let alone how long to get it fixed.  She is fearful that the wheel will bend more or even break off.  Then she would not have a way to ambulate to doctors appointments, grocery stores, pharmacie, etc.  Sis a volunteer for St Lukes as Peppy the clown.  She has a very low income and needs to get the chair repaired quickly.  Anyone interested needs to contact Karen Haverly, or Carol Luth at 398-3644.  Photos are available at the office.
RCRV designer is Thomas Brennom, and was requested by Milestones, Aging Services--Karen Haverly 398-3954, khaverly@abbe.org. The project was begun Jan 20, 2003 and completed May 31, 2004.

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