LeFebure Tube

Requested Project

The LeFebure Tube exhibit has long been one of the most popular permanent exhibits at the Science Station.  The LeFebure Company maintained it.  However, for the past year, the exhibit has been broken, and with LeFebure out of business, we have not been able to obtain affordable repair.  We need to diagnose what exactly is wrong with the tube, and figure out how to repair it.  The exhibit consists of a standard pneumatic bank tube with two end kiosks.

Design Notes

The exhibit was returned to operating condition.  This involved repairing the electronics and cleaning the tubes.  Many thanks to Leroy Willey, a former Lefebure design engineer, who led the effort and did most of the work.

RCRV designer is Jack Murphy, and was requested by Science Station--Allen Huenefeld. The project was begun Jun 13, 2003 and completed Sep 12, 2003.

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