Design Wheelchair Ramp

Requested Project

Design Ramp for Dale Cook, currently on Medical Leave from Rockwell Collins Coralville Facility needs a ramp designed so that he and his wife can come and go much more readily.  The Carpenters Union, #308 will build the ramp.  Mr Cook lives in Hiawatha.

Design Notes

The design has been completed and handed of to the Carpenters Union.  The ramp design conforms to the requirements of Hiawatha building code.  It will have a 1 foot length for every 1 inch drop.  The top of the ramp will be 22 inches from the ground.  There will be a 6 X 8 deck located immediately adjacent to a screened in porch.  The porch will require a door be located such that a wheel chair can exit from the home to the top of the ramp.  Two small 4 X 4 ramps will be located such that the 22 foot length can readily occur.

RCRV designer is John McDonough, and was requested by IBEW. The project was begun May 8, 2003 and completed May 8, 2003.

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