Demonstration Panel for Pierce Elementary

Requested Project

A panel is needed to hold various demonstrations of mechanical and electrical concepts and devices for the students to investigate during their free time before and after school.  The panel will be mounted on the wall near the main entrance.

Design Notes

The panel has been constructed by Roy Bonham and Carl Anderson and has been installed in the hall and power has been connected. It is placed in main hallway.

Several demonstration devices have been designed, built and installed by other RCRV members.  Some of the devices are:
1. a light board,
2. an audio box,
3. a strobe light with control to synchronize the strobe,
4. a pulley demonstration panel,
5. a panel with CDs moving a figure and a notice board,
6. a calculator,
7. a magnet demonstration,
8. a demonstration of the 3 classes of levers,
9. a maze
10. a telephone dialing demonstration,
11. a digital clock,
12. a binary counter.

The panel is wired into school wiring system with an on/off switch. Available power behind panel has +/- 12 and 5 volts.

RCRV designer is Myron Wilson, and was requested by Pierce School Principal Becky Dewald. The project was begun Sep 1, 2001 and completed Jan 18, 2002.


Additional Information:

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Circuit diagram for the binary counter

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