Bowling ball ramp

Requested Project

A ramp that can be set up on a bowling alley to launch a bowling ball or other sized ball down the alley is requested.  An electrical device to push the ball off the top of the ramp activated from a low voltage switch is needed so persons with disabilities can cause the ball to roll.

Design Notes

The ramp is constructed from 1/2 inch plywood.  A Solenoid  actuator is located at the top of the ramp to push the ball down the ramp.  The Solenoid  runs off of 4 D cell batteries.  The Solenoid  may be purchased from the internet at, part number DLA-1.

RCRV designer is Lester Haerther, and was requested by GWAEA. The project was begun Jun 20, 2003 and completed Jun 20, 2003.


Additional Information:

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Bowling Ramp Construction Drawings

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