Data Base for Client Management

Requested Project

Need is for a volunteer (s) to help set-up a database to use for client management purposes.  We have information stored on several different Excel Files as well as through our CHERS database.  However, we need this information either consolidated into one database, or if this is not possible, we need another database set-up in which we can re-input this information.  What we are looking for is a database that allows us to sort easily by different criteria as well as take tha information and use in mass-mailings.  If more info is needed, contact Joan or Lisa Langel, Marketing Coordinator of the American Red Cross at the number denoted above.

Design Notes

6/10/04:  Started.  Called Joan Schaefer to determine if the need still exists.
6/11/04:  Joan Schaefer returned my call.  This project is no longer needed, because another volunteer was able to complete it already.

RCRV designer is Keith Sutherland, and was requested by American Red Cross Grant Wood Area Ch., Joan Schaffer, 393-3500, The project was begun Jun 10, 2004 and completed Jun 11, 2004.

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