Display module for safety trailer

Requested Project

Design and construction of a display module to be installed in a 40-foot trailer that will visit schools within the state.  Maximum module dimensions are 48"W, 24"D, 78"H.  The Red Cross is sponsoring one of several modules to be installed in the trailer.  The module must be interactive without any outside support.  The module must be easily installed and removed from the trailer.  A key requirement is that the module be ruggedized to withstand hundreds to thousands of visitors as well as the shock and vibration to which it is subjected during transport.

Design Notes

26 Sep 01: Phillip Owen presented a preliminary design on 13 Sep.  It suggested plywood construction, with the surface which will be exposed to visitors covered with a Formica-like material for durability and cleanability.  The design provides space for mounting 5x7 photographs in four areas and two 14x18 areas which will accomodate multiple-choice questions and answers.  These will be interactive; if the button pushed represents the correct answer, a light will come on or some other appropriate reward will be activated.

In order to minimize surprises, a cardboard mockup was constructed by Keith Williams.  This mockup does not include all construction details for the final module but will faithfully represent the display area.  The "ready date" of the trailer has been pushed back to March 2002.  

The display module has been constructed by John Wauer and Leonard Sholes using 1/2" Mellimine.  The display has two 11"x24" interactive panels containing 12 questions each.  Each question has two possible answers.  The answer may be selected by pressing the appropriate button.  The buttons are connected to 12 volt lights representing the correct or incorrect answer to each question.

RCRV designer is John Wauer, and was requested by American Red Cross - Ruthanne Barnhart. The project was begun Sep 26, 2001 and completed Mar 11, 2002.


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