Object choice box

Requested Project

This project would be used for a preschool girl learning to request objects. The picture needs to be presented so that she can choose it and immediately she gains access to the object.  The object she chooses can drop down, a door open so she obtain the object easily that she requested.  
This would be so important in helping in early cognitive skills and cause and effect.  
This project needs to be small enough to have two choices that are visible but be able to sit on a table.
John has a picture of something the parent saw on the internet (see below).

Design Notes

The design has two compartments, each 6 X 6 X 6 inches.  Each compartment has a door with hinge and magnetic latch.  The compartments are made of 1/8 inch hardboard, with Melamine on one surface.  On the outside of each door a 5 X 5 inch sheet of material is glued.  This material is used in scrapbooks.  It has a thin sheet of clear plastic, backed by a layer of cardboard with adhesive.  The plastic can be pulled back, a picuture inseted, and then the plastic pushed back.  The adhesive retains the picture and the plastic.  

RCRV designer is Jack Murphy, and was requested by Heartland Area Education Agency - Sue Young - Adapted PE Consultant 515-993-4598 Ext 205. The project was begun Feb 26, 2004 and completed Jun 4, 2004.


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