Daily Communication Book speaker clairification mod

Requested Project

Adapted photo book needs voice clarification.  Adding jacks to book such that external pc speakers can be easily added to the system in an effort to clarify the internal speaker system.

Design Notes

Installed an audio-out jack at base of unit.  Provided seperate speaker with built-in audio amp and "wall wart" power supply.  Some improvement in audio fidelity resulted, but I suspect that part of the reason for poor fidelity in the original recordings was overdrive (need to keep microphone further from mouth).  Delivered to requestor's residence 22 September 2006.

RCRV designer is Frank Helsell, and was requested by Kennedy High School, Mary Arenas, 362-2598, 558-4440. The project was begun Aug 31, 2006 and completed Sep 22, 2006.

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