Motorized Rivet Dispenser

Requested Project

This is an item that dispenses rivets a few at a time, empowering a consumer with severe disabilities to participate in a work contract with the touch of a switch.  In Dec 2003 Russ Schuchmann completed one for us that has worked out great!  It has become so popular that we are back, requesting a second one.

Design Notes

The motorized rivet dispenser for this project has been completed using substantially the same design as the motorized rivet dispenser found in the "completed projects" category.  Minor modifications/improvements have been made by adapting a commercially available part for the belt drive pulley and adapting a slightly smaller breadpan as the enclosure for the motor and electrical connections.  

RCRV designer is Russell Schuchmann, and was requested by Options of Linn County/Wayne Clayton. The project was begun Mar 12, 2004 and completed Mar 29, 2004.

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