Heart of Iowa Child Care Room Upgrade

Requested Project

The Heart of Iowa is a mother and child substance abuse treatment center.  We serve women who have their children livign with them and women who are pregnant.  Few substance abuse treatment programs provide treatment without breaking up the family.  The more intact the family can remain, the stronger the mother/child bond can remain, and the healthier the whole family will be at the end of the mother's treatment.  Our child care center is fully icensed and provides specialized training to our staff who serve these special needs children.  The center has recently moved to a remodleled facility where the first phase of remodeling was completed about two years ago.  We are continuing the remodeling project as money and personnel permit.
We have received a contribution that allows us to purchase some much needed cabinetry to keep teacher materials out of reach of the children, and toys conveniently within the child's reach.  Our staff at Heart of Iowa is severely limited, so while we have the money to purchase the equipment, it will be difficult for our maintenance staff to find the time to install it.
We also have playground paint to put foursquare and hopscotch on our playground area, but no one to do the painting.  Our rooms are badly in need of painting, but, again, while we can obtain the paint, we do not have persons to apply the paint.  
The Heart of Iowa commits resources on an on-going basis to keep these upgrades moving forward, but the children will benefit greatly from the boost volunteer help could bring to the project.  We greatly appreciate your consideration and will work closely with volunteers to support the good work you are offering.

Design Notes

Painting the daycare room has been completed. The Center expects to be ready to have the cabinets assembled and installed in early June. The RCRV ladies will paint games on the blacktop in June after Myrna returns from vacation. The playhouse still needs to be assembled securely. The reason it keeps coming apart maybe due to an uneven surface for placement.

RCRV designer is Helen Potthoff, and was requested by Heart of Iowa Mother and Child Treatment Center. The project was begun May 9, 2004 and completed May 5, 2005.


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