Portable Ramp

Requested Project

Design a portable ramp for a retired person from the faculty.  The ramp must be small enough such that when not in use, it can be stored in the rear of a wagon.  The ramp must be strong enough that a person in a wheel cair can be pushed up or down to gain access to or to leave from a home in Ames.  Pushing power is not a problem as usually there are enough people available to do this function so the 1 inch per foot requirement is not needed.

Design Notes

The design consists of two separate ramps which are 8 inches wide X 4 foot long.  The ramps are built with an eight inch wide 3/8 inch thick piece of plywood to use as the deck of the ramp.  The deck is held between two pieces of a 2 X 4 which has been split into two pieces 1.687 wide.  A DADO cut has been made in the sides of the rail.  See photo.  The ramps have been designed, built and delivered to the person in Ames.  They say it works well.

RCRV designer is John McDonough, and was requested by Ia State University, Joyce Mercier. The project was begun May 2, 2004 and completed May 31, 2004.


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4 and 8 ft portable ramp plans

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