Frisbee thrower

Requested Project

A device to enable a person with disabilities to throw a Frisbee or a device similar to a Frisbee.

Design Notes

A small flat plastic lid (No. 2 coffee lid) is used as a small light weight "Frisbee". The Frisbee is inserted and the device is cocked. A person who cannot throw a Frisbee can launch the Frisbee by pressing the trigger button or pulling a string attached to the trigger lever. An electrical actuator may also be attached to the string so that a switch is used to throw the Frisbee.

A larger model has also been designed and built that throws actual Frisbees and similar devices.

Caution: These devices can be potentially very dangerous and must be used under proper supervision.

Plans for both devices are shown below.

RCRV designer is Lester Haerther, and was requested by Grant Wood Area Education Agency. The project was begun Sep 25, 2001 and completed Sep 25, 2001.


Additional Information:

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Drawings for the large frisbee thrower
Drawings for the small frisbee thrower

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