Build a Mobile Clasroom Organizer and a Mobile Book Center

Requested Project

Build a classroom organizer and a mobile book center.  The organizer is approx 15 X 29 X 38 with 24 compartments in which to store papers or distribute papers, or information.  The book center is approx 23 X 28 X 35 inches wide.  Results will be two pieces of furniture that College Community needs.  Contact Jody for more information.  (I have photo's of what is needed--John McDonough)

Design Notes

Units are being designed based on commercial catalog photos supplied by the requestor.  White melamine was chosen as the most cost effective and available material.  Shelving and back of the Organizer are .25" hardboard.  All joints are glued; no screws.  Edge banding is used to cover exposed melamine edges.  Total cost of materials is approx. $100; commercial catalog prices for the two units is $550.  Requestor asked for 12 compartments in the Organizer, rather than 24 shown in the commercial unit.  Both units are on wheels for mobility, but locking casters are used so that the units will remain stationary when used by small students.

RCRV designer is James Green, and was requested by Community College Schools, Jody Donaldson, 848-5224, The project was begun Sep 16, 2004 and completed Sep 30, 2004.


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