Assistive Envelope Stamper

Requested Project

We have a need for an assistive device that will enable a person with low fine motor skills to help with a contract in which we use a stamper on business envelopes.  One design idea is to use a transparency feeder in this project.  That appears to work.  Our technical challenges are to 1) make the paper feed switch-activated rather than use the remote; and 2) find a way to place the stamper so it consistantly hits the same spot on the envelopes with approximately the same pressure.  Thanks for your help!

Design Notes

After signing up for this project, Wayne Clayton informed me that another designer had started the project.  Consequently this project record with me as the designer is being closed.

RCRV designer is Russell Schuchmann, and was requested by Options of Linn County/Wayne Clayton. The project was begun Apr 26, 2005 and completed May 4, 2006.

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