Wobble Switch 2 - simplified construction

Requested Project

The original wobble switch design works very well, but requires some critical adjustments that may make it difficult to build.  A design that is easier to reproduce is needed.1

Design Notes

This wobble switch uses the same small doorbell button used on the original wobble switch.  The large button is suspended over the doorbell switch using three fine threaded bolts and lock nuts.  The lock nuts can be adjusted with a socket wrench to hold the large button firmly over the doorbell button.  The lock nuts should be adjusted to where the doorbell switch is closed and then back off so that the switch is open.

A margarine lid may be used to cover the switch button if desired.  The first picture shows the wobble switch with the margarine lid cover, the second picture shows the wobble switch without the cover and the third picture shows the wobble switch upside down.

Construction details:  The holes in the three round pieces must be lined up exactly.  The three pieces should be stacked and drilled with 5/64" pilot holes.  Place a nail in the center and one other pilot hole to keep the pieces aligned.  Use the center pilot hole as a pivot to disk sand the three pieces to a perfect circle.  The 6-32x1" bolts are fastened to the button piece with ordinary nuts.  After the doorbell switch, spacer and two bases are assembled, the button with the bolts is inserted and the lock nuts are screwed in from the bottom base.  The switch cable is fed out through a grove between the top and bottom base.  Care must be taken to rotationally align the pieces in the same orientation that they were drilled.

Making the button square rather than round further simplifies the construction of the wobble switch.  A photo of the square wobble switch and the tempate used in building the wobble switch are shown below.  The links to the instructions for building a square wobble switch are also shown below.  The instructions are based on using the template for drilling the holes.  Dimensions for the hole template are the same those given for the circular wobble switch.

RCRV designer is John Wauer, and was requested by GWAEA. The project was begun Oct 29, 2004 and completed Oct 29, 2004.


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Circular wobble switch construction drawing
Square wobble switch instructions

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