Maintaining Classroom Medical Equipment for Nurses Aid Training Program

Requested Project

Repair worn and malfunctioning hospital beds, mannequins, and sphygmomanometers used for nurses aid training.

Design Notes

Work done by Don Grimm and Les Haerther.  Repaired two beds by correcting mechanism setup problems.  Re-oriented one bed head-to-foot.  Made new torque tubes for two beds using 1/2" electrical conduit.  Repaired one linear actuator by cleaning and re-lubricating.  Mannequin with detached leg was missing specialized swivel plate, beyond scope of project.  Three Sphygmomanometers recalibrated by St Lukes maintenance staff at the request of Les Haerther's wife.  Fourth one retained for study.  Fifth one fixed at Kirkwood.    

RCRV designer is Donald Grimm, and was requested by Kirkwood Continuing Education, Ginny Kirschling, BSN, RN, Program Director, Health Ed.. The project was begun Dec 8, 2004 and completed Dec 12, 2004.

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