Design Wheelchair Ramp for 225 2nd St., Swisher

Requested Project

Design wheelchair ramp to allow access to home by person recently confined to wheelchair due to paralysis resulting from an automobile accident.  Needed so ramp can be built, by others, by the time he is discharged from the hospital.

Design Notes

After three site visits, it was determined that a ramp located on the existing patio would we quite steep -- no more than 8" length per inch of drop.  It was thus agreed with the owner that the ramp should be run to a new deck to be built in front of the front door.

The design was sent to the homeowner on 12/30/2004.  The completed design is attached.

The completed ramp was built by friends of the owner.

RCRV designer is Keith Sutherland, and was requested by St. Luke's Therapy. The project was begun Jan 2, 2005 and completed Jan 4, 2005.


Additional Information:

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Construction details

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