Elastic bandage winder

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Suffers of lymphodema, which have symptoms of severe swelling of the body extremities (fingers, hands, arms, etc.), wrap elastic bandages to control the swelling.  When the bandages come off, they must be rolled up before they can be re-wrapped.  A device to roll the bandages and that can be loaned to these patients is needed.  Eventually 3 to 4 devices may be needed. (30 bandage winders have now been built.  This is an on going project.)

Design Notes

Construction details (see drawings below)

1.  In order to install the toggle switch in the front panel, the back of the front panel may need to be counter sunk to accommodate the toggle switch.

2.  The motor mount plastic standoffs are short tubes or spacers to support the motor.  I cut the standoffs from a 3/8 inch OD plastic pipe.  Standoffs are also available from the hardware store in the nuts and bolts section.  The height of the standoffs may need to be adjusted to make the motor shaft orthogonal to the front panel.

3.  After the "hold down" wire is soldered to the motor shaft, slide a knife point between the hold down wire and the motor shaft to spread the spread the hold down wire out.  Then with a pliers, squeeze the hold down wire back to the motor shaft leaving a crimp in the hold down wire where the knife point is located.  This allows space for the elastic bandage to slide all the way under the hold down wire.

4.  Wiring instructions for the motor should come with the motor.  Use the two terminals that are the front top terminals closest to the gears.  A power cord is wired to the switch and motor.

RCRV designer is John Wauer, and was requested by Physical Rehab Services, Mercy Medical Center. The project was begun Oct 2, 2001 and completed Dec 24, 2001.


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Construction drawings

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