Wheel Chair Ramp and Deck, 650 Freese Way, Robins

Requested Project

Design and build large deck and wheel chair ramp to support young man paralyzed in a hunting accident.

Design Notes

Designed Deck and ramp for john. After a redoing the plans a couple of times we agreed on a design. John built the deck and we would build the ramps. Design was completed and john built the deck. Had it set up to be build o the 28 of July. I checked with John on the 23 of July to have the materials ordered. He at that time wanted to change the plans again. What he requested us to build did not meet specs. of what a ramp needed. I told him RCRV would not be a part of this type of build. He said we probally should desolve our partnership and he would built the ramp himself.

RCRV designer is Pete Jurgens, and was requested by Pat Murphy. The project was begun Jun 30, 2005 and completed Jun 30, 2005.

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