Milestones in Marion storage shed

Requested Project

Aging Services requested a design for an outdoor storage shed, to be located at Milestones in Marion.  Further discussion resulted in a shed that "looks like the one at the Cedar Rapids location."  The request expanded to include the construction of the shed, to be built prior to Winter 2005.

Design Notes

Storage shed has been designed as a 10 foot x 10 foot shed with gabled roof.  Standard 2x4 construction.  One 36" entry door with keyed latch; no windows.  Vinyl siding and asphalt shingles to match the main Milestones building.  Wood facia and soffit to be primed and painted.

RCRV designer is James Green, and was requested by Milestones in Marion; Jo Benson-Vorwald. The project was begun Oct 5, 2005 and completed Oct 12, 2005.


Additional Information:

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Shed plans

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