Wheelchair garden swing

Requested Project

An old fashioned garden swing adapted to hold a wheelchair and an occupant on the opposite seat is desired for the nursing home residents and the disabled residents.  6x6 timbers from a discarded school play set are available.

Design Notes

The swing is a modification from The New Yankee Workshop garden swing plans (3101-A).  Aside from adding a movable wheelchair ramp in place of one of the seats, the design was strengthened and enlarged to handle the extra weight and size of a wheelchair and to allow for its use in a semi-public environment.  This swing was built with 6x6 and 4x6 timbers since they were available, however the swing could have used 4x4 timbers instead.  The swing is built from treated "green" lumber while the New Yankee Workshop plans call for redwood which would be cost prohibitive.

The frame posts are installed 18" below ground to provide extra stability.

The swing is suspended from the frame by eye bolts in the 2x4 hanger and in the frame top.  A 1/2" galvanized pipe goes through the eye bolts as shown in the photo below.  The platform is suspended from the 2x4 hangers with 3/4" bolts.  A 3/4" galvanized pipe is inserted in the 2x4 hanger for a bearing surface.  Metal "post brackets" are put on both ends of the 2x4 hangers to provide extra strength.

The ramp is hinged from the platform as shown in the photo below. The ramp is held upright with a 1x3 latch board.  The latch board is reinforced at the slotted end with a metal cladding.

The plans below are complete except the profile of the seat is taken from The New Yankee Workshop plans.

Another wheelchair accessible garden swing built by RCRV from The New Yankee Workshop plans is shown at http://www.collinsclubs.com/rcrv/community_projects.php?projID=45

RCRV designer is John Wauer, and was requested by New Horizions, Mark Beason. The project was begun Oct 5, 2005 and completed Oct 24, 2005.


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Construction plans

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