Document Traits of Life for the Science Station

Requested Project

Document the "Traits of Life" exhibit from the Exploratorium in San Fransisco as displayed in the Cedar Rapids Science Station.

The purpose of the documentation is to allow museums outside the U.S. to build copies of the exhibit while incorporating adaptations.  For most items, great precision is not required, since the builders will want to adapt to local materials, requirements, and tastes.

We need to have all measurements made and pictures taken of the exhibit by the time the exhibit is packed for shipment.  The exhibit will be on display until 1/28/06, and will be packed for shipping between 1/29/06 and 2/1/06.  We may want to gather data and pictures while the exhibit is being disassembled for packing.

We need to deliver the final documentation to the Exploratorium in San Francisco on or before 4/1/06.

We will document using metric dimensions except in special cases where English-standard items are required by the design.

The documentation to be produced will include:
* Bill of Materials for each major item.
* Drawings (or photos) of each major item, with overall dimensions and key elements indicated.
* Specifications (generally, manufacturer and model number) of OEM parts.
* Photos of pertinent features such as walls, label locations, maintenance access, and assembly details.
* Up to five part drawings, per major item, of critical elements.

We will NOT document the following:
* Graphics text
* Graphics layout
* Floor plan
* Cost information
* User manuals
* Warranty information
* Availability or delivery time of any item or material
* Sources or vendors for any item
* Details or specifications for any living organisms
* Original design documents

Design Notes

The documentation package as defined above was delivered on schedule.  A reception for all members of RCRV was held at the Science Station on April 18, 2006.

RCRV designer is Keith Sutherland, and was requested by Science Station -- Joe Hastings. The project was begun Feb 7, 2006 and completed Sep 24, 2006.

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