Handicap ramp

Requested Project

A ramp is needed to go go over two steps (29 inches) to the sidewalk. The ramp may be straight with no landings.

Design Notes

A 28 foot ramp was constructed.  The ramp is 42 inches wide.  The joists were connected to the existing deck with 2x6 hangers except the joist closest to the house was screwed to a post that was fastened to the deck with lag screws.  All other posts except the end post were set on the surface of the ground resting on 12" x 12" x 3/4" plywood plates.  This is a technique suggested my the Minnesota group, The Home Wheelchair Ramp Project, http://wheelchairramp.org/.  The two end posts are placed in the ground and a trench is dug for the termination of the outside joists.  The center joist terminates on the sidewalk, so the end of the joist is tapered.  The joints for joists, toe board and two components of the hand rail are stagered at different posts to imporve the satbility of the railing.  When all components are in place, the railing is quite stable.

RCRV designer is John Wauer, and was requested by Aging Services. The project was begun Feb 11, 2006 and completed Feb 11, 2006.


Additional Information:

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Ramp drawings

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