Handicapped Access Ramp at 1405 George Street, Marion, IA

Requested Project

Design and build access for handicapped individual at 1405 George St., Marion, IA.

Design Notes

Existing 8' x 14' deck, which was moved to the site and is floating, will need to be rotated 90 degrees and relocated to make room for the ramp.

Drawings and bill of material for the ramp were mailed to the homeowner 2/19/06.

Deck was moved and re-built, and most of ramp was built, on 6/27/2006.  The ramp was completed on 7/5/2006.  The owner has some concerns, because the original deck is painted and has balusters in the railings, and the new ramp is unpainted treated lumber and has the railing per the WRAP design.  No further effort is planned unless the owner requests it.

RCRV designer is Keith Sutherland, and was requested by Iowa Independent Living Program -- Tim Gracey (800) 532-1486. The project was begun Feb 19, 2006 and completed Jul 5, 2006.


Additional Information:

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Design plans

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