Motion Sensing TV Switch to attach to an excercise bicycle

Requested Project

Motion Sensing TV switch that turns a TV set on and off.  To be used with a stationary bicycle as an exercise incentive to encourage children incapable of understanding the benefits.  Requirements established 1/11/2001.

Design Notes

Uses Magnetic reed relay proximity switches to sense motion of the bicycle wheel and to turn on a diode switch in series with the RF Television signal.  Enclosed in a small aluminum box with a separate plug-in power supply and leads to the two pickoffs on the stationary bicycle.  First model delivered 4/18/2001.  Design revisions now being made to allow easier quantity production.

RCRV designer is Donald Grimm, and was requested by GWAEA Ann Griffith 399-6858. The project was begun Sep 28, 2001 and completed Sep 28, 2001.


Additional Information:

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Owners Manual
Schematic drawing of the TV switch circuit

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