Lighted Switch

Requested Project

We are looking for a brightly lit switch to attract the attention of children with severe profound disabilities with CVI.  The switch should be small/Medium in size, 3 x 3 to 6 x 6 inches square, or in diamenter.  The switch should have a non skid bottom so it will stay firmly on a wheelchair tray.  We would like it as soon as possible.

Note: CVI = Critical Visual Impairment

Design Notes

Constructed sturdy box (6"x6"x3") out of 3/4" wood and painted bright yellow.  Installed heavy-duty, large red push button momentary contact switch in top center of box.  Modified switch to include high-output red LED.  Added battery holder and toggle switch for LED (accessible from under side of box).  Connected five foot cable and 1/8" plug to push button switch contacts, as requested by K.T.

RCRV designer is Frank Helsell, and was requested by Prairie Crest Elementary College Community Schools, Katie Thompson, 848-5280 Cell, 573-5100. The project was begun Jul 14, 2006 and completed Aug 29, 2006.

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