Stabilizers for Cedar Rapids Symphony Chorus Risers

Requested Project

Chorus risers used in the Paramount Theatre for CR Symphony performances have aluminum metal spans that flex and twist.  Chorus members complain that it is nearly impossible to stand without pitching forward and back as the footing rolls beneath them.  The proposed solution is a set of mid-span supports to arrest the deflection and particularly the twist of each span.

Design Notes

Wooden stabilizer supports have been designed.  There are three levels of riser, with five spans each, for a total of fifteen supports.  The lowest span is simply a 2x6x12, trimmed to fit the space under the riser.  Middle and upper span supports are a 2x4x12 cross piece with 2x4 legs under each end, reinforced with a 1/4" plywood skirt.  All stabilizers have a transverse 2x4 foot at the rear so they will stand vertically without being attached to the riser structure.  All have a detachable 2x2 wear strip at the top, and are painted so stage crews recognize that they are items to be preserved and stored and not scrapped when striking the stage setup after a concert.

RCRV designer is Donald Grimm, and was requested by Cedar Rapids Choral Association, Inc.. The project was begun Mar 27, 2006 and completed Mar 27, 2006.


Additional Information:

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Construction drawings

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