Guidelines for design and construction of handicap ramps

Requested Project

There is a need for economical and easily-constructed handicap ramps.  The ramps need to be quickly built by non-profesional builders without sacrificing structual integrity.

Design Notes

Initial plans for a modular design were abandoned because of the unique requirements of each application, including available space for the ramp.  Modularity appears to add complexity when compared to a stick-built ramp.  Instead, development of the guidleines focused on simplifying the construction and cost.  Since digging post holes and placing them in the proper location has been a major effort, a design that requires no digging was developed.  A bracket was designed to secure the posts at the end of the ramp without placing them in the ground.

RCRV designer is Thomas Brennom, and was requested by WRAP. The project was begun Jun 3, 2006 and completed Jun 3, 2006.

Additional Information:

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Handicap Ramp Design and Construction Guidelines

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