RSVP office move

Requested Project

RSVP needs assistance with preparation of new offices and moving of furniture into those new offices on the first floor of the St. Lukes Resources building.  Fixtures need to be removed, walls need to be prepared and painted, modular furniture needs to be disassembled from the current location and set up in the new location, and additional furniture needs to be moved to the new offices.  Target date is to have this project completed by Christmas.

Design Notes

The office move was completed on December 12, 2006.  Approx. 10 RCRV members worked during the actual move days, while another several members were involved with the preparation and office painting earlier in the month.

RCRV designer is James Green, and was requested by RSVP - Angela Berns. The project was begun Nov 12, 2006 and completed Dec 17, 2006.

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