Handicap ramp for 1516 6th Ave SE

Requested Project

The porch is 50 inches above the sidewalk.  Entrance to the ramp may be from the side of the porch.

Design Notes

The ramp is 50 ft long with three landings.  The ramp runs 13.5 ft towards the back of the house and then doubles back to terminate at the sidewalk.  An extra landing is required when the ramp run is longer than 30 ft.  Some excavation is required to clear a 16 inch bank near the sidewalk.

The door threashold onto the porch is 1.5 inches above the porch floor.  A 2x3 ft metal plate (donated by Marion Iron) was installed as a small ramp into the house.

RCRV designer is John Wauer, and was requested by Aging Services. The project was begun Nov 30, 2006 and completed Dec 13, 2006.


Additional Information:

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Construction drawings

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