Jig to control rubber stamping of envelopes

Requested Project

A client that that has some motor control difficulties rubber stamps business envelopes for businesses.  The stamp image must be placed on specific locations on the envelope.  A jig is required to hold the rubber stamp and locate it properly on the envelope so the client can stamp it.

Design Notes

The rubber stamp is held in a hinged lever arm.  A thin hardboard guide positions the envelope under the stamping arm.  The envelope guide is screwed to the base board as required to properly position the stamp on the envelope.

Foam rubber is placed under the lever arm to act as a spring to hold the stamp above the envelope.  The rubber stamp fits loosly in the slot in the lever arm.  Steel spring bands are attached at the bottom of the lever arm slot to hold the stamp. The steel bands are spaced to hold the stamp and allow the impression.  One of the stamps requires the edge of the stamp body to touch the paper, so notches were cut in the bands as shown in the photos.  The drawings do not show the notches since they are dependent on the specific stamp used.

RCRV designer is John Wauer, and was requested by Options of Linn County, Wayne Clayton. The project was begun Feb 16, 2007 and completed Mar 3, 2007.


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Construction drawings

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