Mirror Trace

Requested Project

A mirror trace is a partially enclosed box with a mirror at one end.  A pattern is place in the box and a student attempts to trace the pattern while looking in the mirror.  This demonstrates the lack of coordination experienced by some people with dissabilities and greater appreciation for their difficulties.  

Design Notes

A box with inside dimensions 9"x12"x5" was constructed with 3/4" sides and 1/4" hardboard top and bottom.  The top has a 6"x6" square removed and the end has a 6" center section removed to make room for the mirror and viewing space for the mirror.  A 3/8" strip of wood was placed across the end to support the mirror and hardboard base.

RCRV designer is John Wauer, and was requested by GWAEA, Ann Griffin. The project was begun Nov 5, 2007 and completed Nov 5, 2007.


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