Handicap Ramp for 1228 3rd Street SE, Cedar Rapids

Requested Project

The rear door is 22 ? inches above a patio which has a sidewalk directly to the garage on the rear of the property. A landing is needed over steps and then a 20 foot long ramp is needed terminating on the sidewalk leading to the garage. The sidewalk rises some going to the garage, so the ramp length is shortened somewhat. A roof over the patio has 8? of clearance, but will be only 6?5? of clearance when the ramp is constructed. The City of Cedar Rapids requires 6?8? of clearance.

Design Notes

The single landing and 20 foot ramp was constructed over the rear door steps. This construction was able to be completed without removing the railing already in place, and thus if the ramp were removed, the steps would be fully functional again. The door threshold was about 3+ inches above the top of the steps. By the use of 2 layers of 5/4 decking in opposite directions, this potential barrier was removed and the threshold is now only about 1 inch above the landing to ease entry.

The ramp came off the landing in a standard manner, and since the sidewalk to the garage sloped upward towards the garage, the length of the ramp was reduced to 20 feet. The roof of the patio was raised by inserting a 12? 4x4 of treated wood under each support and attaching them to the patio concrete by tapcon screws and then the supports attached to the 4x4s with lag screws. This resulted in clearance of the required 6?8?.

The ramp was designed by Tom Brennom and John Wauer, and was constructed by 4 members of RCRV in 4 hours. The construction was completed on May 1, 2008.

RCRV designer is Thomas Brennom, and was requested by WRAP from ASI referral. The project was begun May 6, 2008 and completed May 6, 2008.


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