rivet dispenser (manual)

Requested Project

Assist a consumer, who has limited fine motor skills, to participate in a contract putting small rivets into holes of a metal bar.  The consumer turns a drum filled with rivets, and several rivets are dispensed to a co-worker.  This will replace items destroyed in the flood of June 2008.  Russ Schuchmann has volunteered for this project.

Design Notes

Manual Rivet Dispenser Project #330 - Delivered to Options of Linn County March 2009

This rivet dispenser is for replacement of one lost in the Cedar Rapids flood of 2008.  

The design of the dispenser closely follows  the design reported in earlier completed projects under ?Rivet Dispenser, project #89?.  Please note that the photographs displayed with that project are of the initial design (two were built), while the drawings are for the second unit that was delivered and are considerably simplified compared to the first unit. The present project is very nearly the same as depicted in the drawings.  One further simplification has been made, that being the attachment of the Plexiglas cover to the cake pan drum.  In this unit the rolled edge of the cake pan is flattened at 4 equidistant points around the edge and a hole is drilled for a screw that attaches the Plexiglas cover.  The screw hole in the cover is tapped for a #6-32 pan-head screw ? inches long.  A view of this attachment is shown in Figure 1.

The 9" round cake pan specified in earlier drawings seems to be no longer available.  A suitable substitute that is dimensionally very similar can be found at Walmart (MAINSTAYS 9 in. Diameter round cake pan)

Pictures of the completed rivet dispenser for this project are shown in Figures 1 (side view) and 2 (front view).

RCRV designer is Russell Schuchmann, and was requested by Options of Linn County, Wayne Clayton. The project was begun Dec 30, 2008 and completed Mar 28, 2009.

Figure 1.

Figure 2.

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