conveyor belt shredder project

Requested Project

Assist a consumer, who uses a head stick, to push paper into a shredder.  The consumer's work space is at a vertically lower level than the shredder's intake.  Dick Kittrell has volunteered for this project.

Design Notes

A donated treadmill was modified to provide the elevation lift for the papers into the shredder. This required a mounting provision to elevate the center of the treadmill to approximately 32 " to achieve the needed heights on both ends. This mounting structure began with a  commercial 4-wheel dolly which provided the easily movable feature required which allowed the entire mounted assembly to be moved away from the shredder for easy emptying of the shredder basket which catches the shreds.

RCRV designer is Dick kittrell, and was requested by Options of Linn County, Wayne Clayton & Carter Baldwin. The project was begun May 7, 2009 and completed May 7, 2009.

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