Requested Project

The request is for a second machine of this type, an earlier design is still in use at another location in the school.  

The pour-er is a machine that contains a gear-motor driven cup that has two operating modes and an accompanying large area rocker switch to control cup motion. The operating mode is selected by a small bat-handle switch located on the left side of the switch enclosure. The large-area rocker switch is labeled "pour" on the right side and acts as a momentary switch (closed only when pressed).  The left side is the "return' switch which latches on when the left side of the rocker is pressed. In the dump mode, pressing the large area rocker switch briefly on the right side will cause the cup to dump and continue rotating until it is back in home position.  In the pour mode, pressing the rocker switch will cause the cup to rotate toward pouring position only when the pour switch pressed.  Pour position can be advanced by continually holding the switch down or by a series of switch activations.  The cup will stop and cease further pouring when the switch is no longer pushed.  If the left side of the rocker switch is pressed the cup will rotate back to home position in the reverse direction and some material in the cup may remain.  In either dump or pour mode the return switch will cause the cup to rotate in reverse direction until it reaches home position.

Although the machine is functionally similar to the earlier model the following improvements are incorporated:
1.  The battery and the mode switch have been relocated to the switch module which cleans up the machine and reduces the number of interface wires so a common stereo cable can be used between the machine and the switch.  The mode switch is also more convenient when located with the main rocker switch.
2.  The use of a jack on the switch to attach the stereo cable allows the switch to be disconnected to prevent unsupervised use and inadvertent activation by storing things on the switch surface.
3.  The adjustment of the micro switch that establishes home position is critical and will be more easily adjusted in the new model.

Design Notes

Please refer to the first genteration project 371, Pouring Machine, College Community, for background information that is not duplicated in this project report.  The modifications cited above are illustrated in the pictures attached to this project.

The large area pour/return switch is very similar in concept to the earlier design but is built on a piece of counter top with a bull-nose end.  In order to cant it toward the user and also to provide space beneath for the battery, etc., the bull nose is extended about 3/4 inch by attaching a strip to the end of the bull-nose.

RCRV designer is Russell Schuchmann, and was requested by Prairie Intermediate School- Kathy Waychoff. The project was begun Oct 25, 2011 and completed Oct 28, 2011.

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