String-cutting jig

Requested Project

We have an on-going contract that features the need to cut string to a specific length.  We are looking for a jig that would make the process of cutting string to a given length more efficient.  We would also like have the jig adjustable so we can cut strings to different lengths.  Thanks.

Design Notes

The jig consists of two parallel dowels separated so that a string wrapped between the dowels will have the desired length on each wrap.  The string may be wrapped multiple times and then a single cut will yield multiple  strings of the desired length.  The device may be set for any string length between 7 and 19 inches in even number of inches.

RCRV designer is John Wauer, and was requested by Options of Linn County/Wayne Clayton. The project was begun Dec 2, 2011 and completed Dec 2, 2011.

String cutting jig

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