Wobble switch adjustable bracket

Requested Project

Adapt one of the wobble switch designs to have a low profile mount with an adjustable tilt angle and secure locking. This switch is intended for use on the wheelchairs of individuals with limited control over limb motion.  The adjustable tilt allows an optimized position for successful operation.

Design Notes

This design utilizes the basic "I can't believe its not butter" size wobble switch described elsewhere. An available metal mounting bracket from a GPS vehicle mount was used which has a rotating case locked with finger tightened screws on each side which was ideally suited to the requirements above. Other brackets could be used/or devised, and the  actual mounting details would have to be revised as required. In this case, the original 3/4" plywood base was discarded and the upper two disks of the switch (the actual working parts) were mounted directly on the tilt bracket face using already existing threaded mounting points.

RCRV designer is Dick kittrell, and was requested by Options of Linn County. The project was begun Nov 29, 2001 and completed Nov 29, 2001.

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