Laser pointer for ALS patient communication

Requested Project

Laser pointers attached to the eye glasses can be used by ALS patients to point to a picture board and communicate their needs.  The design and construction of robust pointers that can be given to ALS patients is requested.

Design Notes

The device is modeled after a similar device described in "Instructions for a Simple Adaptive Laser Pointer for Low Tech Augmentative Communication" by Margret Cotts, MA, ATP, Assistive Technology Specialist, The Treatment and Research Center at USCF University of California, San Francisco.  See the link to the manual below for construction information.

Three batches of the Laser Pointer have been constructed for a total of 40 pointers.

RCRV designer is Gordon Fabian, and was requested by The ALS Association, Iowa Chapter, Krista Strait-Higgins, Care Services Manager, (515) 468-9031. The project was begun May 23, 2013 and completed May 31, 2013.

Additional Information:

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Laser Pointer Manual

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