Truss Bridge Kits for teaching structural principles

Requested Project

Construct two 6'scale model truss bridge kits for middle school students, especially 4H Club members to learn about physics of mechanics and working in teams. Metal structural parts fabricated utilizing 1" electrical conduit cut into 24" pieces flattened on the ends with hole drilled in flattened portion.  Requires 42 pieces per kit fastened together with 24" long 1" diameter dowel rods with threaded bolt imbedded in each end.  Floor pieces constructed of 1/4" thick finished plywood paneling.  Materials for each kit costs $65 compared with commercially available version at approximately $500 per kit.  Will fabricate an additional 420 conduit pieces for 10 more kits for future requirements.

Design Notes

Designed per requirements.

RCRV designer is Jack Hotchkiss, and was requested by Linn County Extension - 4H Clubs. The project was begun Dec 3, 2001 and completed Dec 3, 2001.


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