Turntable for positioning items for a person with disabilities

Requested Project

The objective of this project is to assist one of the workers at Options of Linn County in the sorting and packaging of pens.  The worker has limited arm range of motion and he is not able to sort pens into boxes.  However, he is able to pick up pens and insert them into holes.  What is needed is a structure with holes that he can load with pens.  

Click here to see an updated design with consutruction drawings.

Design Notes

The completed design is a turntable, 22 inches in diameter, with space to hold 100 pens.  A simple push of a lever on the front advances the table one space.  The table is constructed of plywood.  The holes to accept the pens are conical in shape, tapering from 3/8 inch diameter to 1/4 inch.  A separate tray clips onto the work table.  The tray is used to hold unsorted pens.

RCRV designer is Jack Murphy, and was requested by Options of Linn County, Wayne Clayton. The project was begun Dec 6, 2001 and completed Dec 6, 2001.


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