Fishing pole controller

Requested Project

People with disabilities that cannot hold a fishing pole cannot go fishing.  This device will hold the pole, it will set the hook and jig and it will reel in the line.  The line must be cast out into the water by and able bodied person.  The fishing pole is activated by two switches, one to set the hook or jig and one to reel in the line.  The device must be operated from a 12 volt battery.

Design Notes

A 24 volt motor is used to wind the reel and a 12 volt solenoid triggers a spring to set the hook as shown in the pictures.  The 24 volt motor operates satisfactorily from the 12 volt battery.  The motor and solenoid were ordered online from  The motor part number is DCM-151 and the solenoid part number is SOL-72.  The trigger used to set the hook is reset by pulling a string.

RCRV designer is Lester Haerther, and was requested by GWAEA. The project was begun Dec 8, 2001 and completed Dec 8, 2001.


Additional Information:

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Construction drawings

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