Modify Exercise Bicycle

Requested Project

Special needs client has damaged the pedal adapter on an exercise bicycle when experiencing uncontrolled muscle spasms.  The requested solution is to analyze the failures and design and construct improved adapter devices to accommodate this and similar clients' unique needs

Design Notes

This exercise bicycle is a standard Schwinn flywheel model which has been modified by adding a manufactured backrest assembly and foot pedal adapters that allow the client to be strapped to and supported by the machine, and to strap the feet to the pedals.  Following a visit to the facility in Iowa City, it was believed that a smaller machine, scaled so that the client could not completely extend the leg, would work better.  That smaller machine was already available (see photos), but new backrest and pedal adapters were required

The completed project was delivered to the client 11/3/2002.

The first 6 photos are of the original bike.  The last 3 photos are of the modified bike.

RCRV designer is Donald Grimm, and was requested by Reach for Your Potential, Iowa City. The project was begun Feb 3, 2002 and completed Oct 15, 2002.


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